Stack It Up at Push
Full Life-Cycle Technology and Campaigns for Performance Marketing
What We Do
Push is a full-service, direct marketing and direct-to-consumer interactive organization.
We build campaigns, create content and reach consumers direct through custom-built proprietary platforms and proven techniques. We refine these processes with our own brands and products, then apply them for satisfied clients around the world.
Follow our web-driven success with these 3 main components:
To support our brand development, we utilize proprietary frameworks for each step. This allows ultimate flexibility and customization.
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Through design, copy and strategy, we carve out brand identities that are interactive and agile.
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Our core capabilities support a service-oriented approach to our brand development and technology.
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We're confident that our platforms will work for you, because they work for us.
Push specializes in building innovative tools that meet the specific needs of the industry, while creating proprietary tools for each step of the process. This allows ultimate flexibility and customization.
Learn more about our platforms by clicking or tapping below:
Campaign Optimization and Tracking
With real-time tracking, reporting and analysis, Driveby is an intelligent framework for online advertising. Control, adapt, optimize and profit with this signature offering for web publishers and advertisers. Driveby is a turnkey product that makes it easier than ever to rotate content and pages to maximize performance and revenues.
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Shipping, Inventory and Sales Consolidation
Our comprehensive shipping and distribution platform, BlueDrone combines product transport, inventory tracking and sales channel management in one elegant engine. With 50k feet of warehouse space for storage, fully integrated APIs from the top Internet sales channels, and a user-friendly interface for administration, BlueDrone is a cutting-edge, all-encompassing shipping solution for companies of any size.
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CRM and Payment Processing
Comiseo is a customer relationship management platform featuring a customer-oriented reporting and flexible payment processing options. Our customer oriented approach allows agents quick access to the information they need for sales and retention. You can easily add products, modify existing orders, manage memberships and track customer interactions with centralized records for each customer. Comiseo provides you with fully customizable payment processing options, with the ability to use multiple merchant accounts and add new accounts or domains quickly and easily.
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Driveby Affiliate Network
Affiliate Network and Pixel Tracking
Driveby Affiliate Network is the premiere affiliate network platform available, providing centralized tracking for both publisher and advertisers as well as provided unparalleled asset control and a detailed billing interface. Using HitDock, you can drill down to the exact source of every click, lead and sale run through an array of tracking links. Driveby Affiliate Network utilizes standard post back and iframe pixels to allow for tracking, along with a multiple server architecture for conversion monitoring and consistent uptime.
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Lead Generation and Remarketing
Ping target can provide you with a lightweight and adaptable database optimized for form captures and easy data exporting. Our default Pingtarget provides you with an easy to use simple capture which can allow for multiple agents to pull lead through a friendly user interface. Our more advanced interactions of Pingtarget provide fully customizable data storage and delivery options for specific traffic verticals. This allows you to provide customized levels of access to a tiered pool of data generated from any number of sources.
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Secure and Protective Video Serving
HazVids is a lightweight and flexible video hosting platform which can provide an easy solution to your video hosting needs. HazVids provides marketers an ad-free alternative to traditional video hosting solutions with unbranded controls and display. HazVIds provides direct FTP uploads to ensure minimal loss of quality son any video uploaded to the platform. Amplify your security by having HazVids host your videos in an encrypted and protected environment.
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An effective brand presence is at the core of any online business.
Through design, copy and strategy, we carve out brand identities that are interactive and agile.
Learn about a few of our in-house labels:
tax lead generation
tactical gear
mobile accessories
residential real estate lead generation
women's accessories
health and wellness
daily horoscopes and readings
news and gossip
news and gossip
fun trivia and games
auto insurance lead generation
debt consolidation lead generation
life insurance lead generation
financial services lead generation
home mortgage lead generation
mobile camera lens
credit repair lead generation
solar lead generation
We provide the services that fuel online business and create workflow efficiency.
With a flexible array of technology, resources and reach, Push can produce and execute campaigns of any size in almost any vertical. Through our massive partner and affiliate base, we spot trends and exploit them quickly.
Learn more about our service capabilities:
Marketing Services
Lead Generation
We specialize in utilizing our various resources to generate targeted leads, helping connect companies with customers that are interested and ready to engage.
Campaign and Production
Our fuel is traffic. By creating and optimizing campaigns using performance-based models, our production team is always conversion-minded.
Content Creation and Deployment
They say "content is king" and there's no doubt that it's true. From mobile apps to ebooks to niche websites, we build and deliver.
Technical Services
Order Fulfillment
Using our massive warehouse for storage and our proprietary platform, BlueDrone, we provide all services for the entire post-purchase arena. Even the most complicated SKU libraries are controlled and organized by our tools and by our team.
Proprietary Technology and Development
We maintain a full set of technical platforms that support brands, services and solutions in a variety of verticals. With an in-house data center, hosting solutions and redundant bandwidth providers, Push can provide any level of technical services.
E-Commerce Infrastructure
From finding customers to engaging and retaining them, we offer end-to-end management to simplify these challenging and vital tasks.
Company and Growth
Push is now part of ConversionPoint Technologies
On June 5, 2017, ConversionPoint Technologies completed the acquisition of Push.
Push is proud to be a leader in e-Commerce marketing. We have a solid track record of working hand in hand with some of the largest and most demanding brands in the world to solve new problems and create new products. We're excited to accelerate our journey as part of the ConversionPoint team.
At the heart of our operation is a constant focus on growing, both within our existing verticals and into untapped markets. Our unique set of personnel and resources, combined with technical proficiency and relentless ambition, open a wide world of possibilities for profit, partnerships and social impact.
Our History Our Leadership Our Team Contact Us
Our History
Push is now 9 years old, starting small with the founders buying traffic, answering phones and shipping orders. Over the years we have grown and added resources to help fuel the same business model in the direct response industry.
Our Leadership
Push was co-founded by two industry veterans. Together, they produce a blend of technical proficiency, marketing expertise and finance. Learn more about our founders below.
Haig Newton
CEO & Janitor
Haig is part extreme athlete and part internet architect. A freak born out of the era with an odd first name, Haig possesses skills in a variety of areas, including design, finance and web development. He manages accounting, technical development, branding and cleans up after everyone else at Push as the Janitor. With over 15 years in the internet marketing space and 5 years of software development and e-commerce, he has a proven track record of start-ups and enterprise-level custom architecture, working with teams large and small. In his free time he is a proud family man, a multi-sport endurance and extreme athlete competitor, real estate developer and classic car restorer.
Chris Jahnke
President and CMO
You don't just get the nickname, "The Bad Boy of Marketing" by accident, which is probably why no one has ever called him that. Regardless, he takes being a paid media freak and a tycoon of targeted placements to whole new level. He currently manages multiple brands, traffic sources and still has time to dabble in design. Often times you can find him standing 5 feet back from his wall of monitors with his head tilted to the side just to get a different perspective. "It's all about how you present the campaign's view and messaging. Having the proper flow and design from the user's standpoint is key to increasing engagement so its critical to view every angle possible." Whatever route Chris chooses to take doesn't matter - because it works. He has built, branded and implemented over 750 successful campaigns while continuing to innovate the digital direct response space.
Our Team
Push has 50 experienced employees in a variety of areas in marketing and technology. From engineers, to programmers, to marketers, to analysts, to sales agents we are always looking to expand with the right people. Learn about a few of our team members below:
Bennett Robinson
VP Product Management
Steve Strampe
VP Biz Dev
Andy Wolfe
VP Media
Kevin Leja
VP Finance
David Niaz
Senior Software Engineer
Jordan Peterson
Operations Manager
Megan Malz
Quality Director
Kristen Schaefer
HR Manager
Zach Smith
Call Center Manager
Jason Wessling
Assistant Call Center Manager
Lorenzo Jones
Warehouse Manager
Jason Adams
Returns Manager
Willy Miles
VP Human and Canine Resources
Contact Us
Push is located at the historic Glenwood-Inglewood water facility, renamed @glenwood, which serves as our business campus. We are next door to the Fruen Mill, along Bassett Creek and on the skirts of Theodore Wirth; just West of Downtown Minneapolis.
Feel free to drop us a line using one of the options below.
Push Interactive
225 Thomas Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55405